Tap tempo for 6/8 beats

Hi, tell me please my "beat friends " :slight_smile: is it possible to get more intuitive tempo tapping for 6/8 beats. I think that for that kind of timing BB should expect dotted quarter note instead of regular quarter note. Am I doing anything wrong?
Is there a tip for that, or rather firmware update is required?

This is a good question (and a functionality suggestion to future BeatBuddy firmware releases).
Currently, BeatBuddy only allows for tapping regular quarter notes. So in your case, as 6/8 is mathematically 3/4, so the overall tempo would be set for your three successive taps.

Thanks for confirmation. Unfortunatly 6/8 has accents on 1 and 4 of 6 beats so in live situation it is impossible to tap for instance while I play first chorus without drums and want catch the current tempo before chorus and start BB. Thus shoud this thread be moved to “Feature requests” forum? Am I able to do it myself? Or just rewrite it to that forum part?

One workaround is to edit the 6/8 parts to 2/4 using 8-note triplets. A bit tedious, but it works for tapping the tempo on quarters rather than eights.

I second the “dotted crotchet 6/8 tempo tap” request! It’s pretty hard to tap in 3/4 while playing 6/8 and not get thrown off, making 6/8 rhythms only practicable with the tempo pre-set.