Tap Tempo Function

If you haven’t discovered the Tap Tempo Function on the footswitch, try it out. Most of the songs you upload from this forum won’t have the exact tempo that you probably play the song at, if so just change the footswitch button to Tap Tempo and tap the button as you play the song. Do this about 3 times and find the average of the 3 tempo and then try your song to the new BPM setting. Forget what the internet sites say the BPM is for your song use this tool and know eactly what it is

Hello Luvual,

Grate tip I will try it today


I have my remote pedals set up this way and use this function all the time. Everbody is different and will play the song maybe not quite the same speed as the original. Just a few numbers difference changes the way a song will come out. I never completely copy any other artist anyway. I may sound similar but that’s the part about being unique to yourself. Do it your way and you will be more comfortable with it. You never know, maybe you will sound better than the original artist which is even better. Change the BPM slightly if you’re not comfortable with it and there will be a big change in the way a song comes out. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Very good idea. But I need also pause and accents for my songs, so I cannot use this since the external switch functions are global and not per song. But I will try it out at home anyway. If we only had Midi control…
Thanks for your suggestion.
Kind regards, Dennis;)

I am seriously thinking about MIDI control for a pretty long time. Yet, right now I must fix BBManager software stuff before I will be working on the firmware :confused:

Will you do it? (please…)

Well… I am asked to do other work beforehand :confused:
Eventually - most likely yes.

Thank you for all your work to improve BB. You`re doing a very great job…
And also thanks for giving me a modicum of hope:D!

Hi Daef, just saw in the new FW (unreleased 1.74) that you gave TAP TEMPO a Midi CC(#117). Thanx for that.
But will there other CCs follow? Something like a CC for main Pedal (same behavior) and CCs for aditional stuff like accent and pause/unpause, or CC`s for changing song parts(like CC#101 value 1 for Songpart 1, value 2 for Songpart 2), CC for fills etc… Seems like thats not what you are looking for right now? Maybe sometime???

Yes, we are planning to develop CCs for every single one of the BeatBuddy’s functions. :slight_smile:

This is realy cool. Will it come with the next officially FW?

We are planning on having it in our next firmware version, yes. If everything goes as planned (time-wise) it will be there.

Cant wait for...:D, feels like waiting for christmas and Birthday!!! Once youll have it in a Beta, please send me to test!!!


Will this include the ability to be able to send to BB a specific tempo from an external device…even if via sysex? for example I load a song and as part of it’s “load-in” it transmits x message to BB to select a song and then also set the tempo.

Although I am a new user of BB - I have a lot of experience with MIDI - I wonder if I could ask to be included in the beta roll-out that includes the MIDI upgrades please?


Can you make 1button for pause with kick and crash cymbals at the same?