Tap Tempo Screen



This is neither a bug nor a feature request, but something I’d love to see improved in a future firmware release.

I have the tap tempo function on one of the external footswitches. When I tap in a tempo (which usually takes 4 taps, normally 4 seconds or less), I still have to wait until the tap tempo screen on the BB disappears. That takes a couple of seconds. Usually, in a live setup, I’d expect to tap in the tempo, then step on the BB’s start switch within roughly a second and have the beat begin.

The “problem” is that the BB’s switch also acts as tap tempo switch while the tap tempo is being shown on the display.
It would be better to remove that functionality, because either I’ll tap in the tempo by hand via the tap button next to the display or use the external footswitch. Waiting for the tap screen to go away feels really awkward and if you hit the BB footswitch too early, you’ll mess up the tempo that was set with the external footswitch.




That’s actually a feature request, and it is a very good one! I support you. I also think tap tempo screen should not be shown while playing. I’ll make sure this feedback is passed onto the team!


Tempo Screen

I would like to be able to adjust the amount of time they tempo screen stays on when tapping in a tempo before starting the machine. I know it’s several seconds, but it feels like forever when waiting to start a song.


Yes please as you can’t start the beat until the tap tempo goes, pressing the main pedal to early changes the tempo as well which is frustrating as you just have to wait.


Another thumb’s up for this feature request!


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The OP is being considered, and I simply have nothing more to say as of currently.


Sorry Daefecator!!! :oops: I will bump no more threads and only comment if I have real actual useful input. I just wanted to express my enthusiasm/vote for this suggested software update.


Ah, that’s okay :slight_smile:
As far as you are as thrilled with the BeatBuddy as I am, everything is okay!