Tap Tempo

Tap tempo keeps on coming On and Off on the screen on Stop Mode. Is this a bug? How do I fix this?

Which version of the f/w are you using, creed?

Are you using an external foot-switch?

hi persist. i’m using f/w 1.8.5

hi scudd. i’m just using the original footswitch that the pedal came with when i bought it few years ago.

Can only think of the following things to do:

  • reinstall firmware 1.8.5; once the update completes, unplug the power from the pedal and then plug it back in
  • run the foot switch detector; if this didn’t work,
  • it also sounds like you are using the remote foot switch with the latching buttons; try it with the remote foot switch unplugged–is it still doing it?
    • try using a different TRS patch cable between your BeatBuddy and your remote foot switch
    • if it does this only with the remote foot switch plugged in, consider asking Support if they still have the offer open to replace the remote foot switch with the newer version that has momentary buttons
    • contact support@singularsound.com

@creed[/USER] The tap tempo randomly coming and going without intention is very likely a case where it needs to be replaced. If what [USER=2327]@persist solves it, then great! :slight_smile: If not, yes please email me and I’ll replace it for you: support@singularsound.com

HI Persist. I haven’t been playing with my beatbuddy this past few days for I’m so busy at work. Maybe this week end. Although last time, I already tried disconnecting all the cables attached to my beatbuddy and turned it ON, but still does it by itself. I will let you know next time when I get a chance. Thanks so much. And thanks too to Beatbuddy Support.

was there a fix, mine is doing the same thing, tap tempo pops up and the pedal doesn’t function

i am having the same issue. is there a fix for this?
please and thank you