Tarantella project?

Dear all,

I am going to address here regional music from Naples and the south of Italy, trying to group efforts on a common goal… This will of course mainly of interest of people from Italy, but I address it here in english anyway to not exclude anyone, of course feel free to message to me in italian if you send me private messages :slight_smile:

You may have noticed that not much content is present here on this matter, so I would like to lauch a collaborative project to build related drum kits and beats. I offer in the beats section a first attempt to adapt a tarantella rhythm, you will see that it can be improved and you are welcome to do it! (please share it back :wink: .
I also would like to address other rhythms like tammurriata, pizzica, moresca, etc…
but I address it also here as it is important to develop an appropriate drum kit (you will se that I used a brasilian one here to get many “tamburello” flavours) but of course there are missing things like tammorre, triccheballacche, scetavajasse, nacchere, putipù…

so if you feel like contributing to this, just provide what you can, waves of samples… nice midi with rhythms… and let’s see if we get anywhere. :slight_smile: I am aware that people interested may not be tons here, but who knows :slight_smile:

So let’s use this thread for drum kits and the other for beats…


If you or someone you know has access to Native Instrument’s Kontakt, this might be something to help:


I don’t have Kontakt, so I can’t try it. My wife and I used to be active in the International Folk Dancing community, and one of the more popular dances was a Sicilian Tarantella, so I am a little familiar with the rhythm of that dance.

Good luck with your project!