TC-Helicon VL Play GTX midi failure

Hey people,

Name’s Sunny from Bhutan.

Been using BB for over a year. Been a while trying to figure midi syncing BB with TC-H VoiceLive play gtx and utterly failed.

Has anyone tried and succeeded with these two particular products together? Or do I have to change my rig?

If only BB team would incorporate Looper in next BB model. All midi loop problems would be solved forever.


Welcome to the forum, Sunny.

Make sure that your output device is set to the same channel as the GTX
MIDI Program Change and CC’s are as follows:
Patch Change - General Program Change
Set Key - 30 (1E in hex)
Set Scale - 31 (1F in hex)
HIT Off/On - 28 (1C in hex) (0-63/64-127 for toggle)
TALK Off/On - 114 (72 in hex) (0-63/64-127 for toggle)
Split Dir – Looks at the defined region of the keyboard for Notes information.
There are two settings:
Above – Notes played above the Splitnote are registered for Notes information
Below – Notes played below the Splitnote are registered for Notes information
Filter – Ingores specific information, based on the setting.,
There are four settings:
None – All relevant MIDI data is processed
Prgchange - Ingores all Program Change information, if it is recieved
Sysex - Ignores Sysex information. This can prevent unwanted firmware updates.
PC+Sysex - Ignores both Sysex and Program Change information

Looks like your a VL Jedi… :slight_smile: Are you aware of a way I can midi map VL3 switch 6 buttons to control BB functions? Their manual
makes it sound like it’s possible. Just curious how to do it.
"2. Additional control with external MIDI fooswitch. Some users want a footswitch for every function (drum fill, transition, outro, tap tempo, etc.). So we have created a special ‘CC’ MIDI command for practically every function the BeatBuddy has, so you can control the BeatBuddy from another device. "

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you so much Larry for the detailed info. My tech side has of the brain ain’t so great so I’m gonna take some time will repost about my experience.
Cheers !