Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule the World" live with Beatbuddy

Performed and looped live on the fly with the Beatbuddy and Pigtronix Infinity Looper sync’d via MIDI! Love this setup…


Very nice balance; drums sit well in your performance.


What you did here is what my goal is for the year with the Beatbuddy! I just got my BB last month, haven’t tried to get a looper going with it yet (I think that my Boss RC-1 isn’t up to the job…)
Watched your other vids and sounds like a great set list. Well done!!

Very nice!

awesome. good job. keep it up and keep posting more when you can.

Nope the RC-1 and RC-3 will not be able to do any of the much needed sync of the beat with the BB pedal (hence why I sent my RC-3 back after I found out I needed this feature). Only the RC-300 series could have a chance as it has MIDI connections, but seems all Boss loop stations are inadequate to do a good job based on multiple posts by users here in these forums.

What are you using? Currently I’ve divided up the setlist of my acoustic project to have anything that I want an overdub for a solo on won’t have the BB on it, unless its something I downloaded with a bass line. That’s still a lot of tunes, but at this point it’s like just beginning to discover the possibilities of this amazing little pedal!

great perfomance! Congrats!

What beat and drum kit are you using?

thank you very much

It’s the Standard Kit, I made the beats on my own.

can you send the file?

thank you

Great song and great performance. Drums sound awesome.

Well done! You’ve got a smooth voice, too. What beat did you start with?