Telling the BB to play in 3/4 time

I am pretty adapt at midi drum programming, so I am building a lot of basic beats from scratch and dropping them into song parts. However, when I build a 3/4 time midi file, it loads ok, but BB still plays the measures as if it’s 4/4. In other words, a two bar 3/4 time file will play the two bars (6 beats), but then BB just goes empty for two more counts before starting the loop over again as if it was a two bar 4/4 loop. If I load a 3/4 time file from the BB songs, the count is correct, and the virtual bar indicator only ticks thru three counts per bar.

What tells the BB to play in 3/4? Is there some midi code I’m not including?

I had the same problem. I keep hearing about how it is easy to create 3/4 time, but I have found it very frustrating. I may have to hire a drummer yet.

are you expressly setting the time signature to 3/4? (also, are you using Reaper, cause it has trouble with this) I attached a snippet of midi that is two measures of 5/4.

Creating the 3/4 time rhythm patterns is no problem. They play just fine in a DAW. The issue is when I put them into the BBM, the simulator treats them like 4/4: Therefore, a 2-bar, 6 beat loop gets treated like it should have 8 beats. What you hear is a 3/4-time pattern with two beats of silence before the loop restarts.

I use Studio One by Presonus to edit loops or patterns, set to 3/4 time. I export my patterns as midi files and import into BBM.

Found a workaround. Downloaded the BB Midi editor and opened my 3/4-time file. Selected 3/4 time in the time signature box. Saved and reloaded the file in BB. Works OK now. I guess the Studio One export does not trigger the unit to play a 3/4-time pattern as others have said is the case with Reaper.