Template for requesting help or for reporting a bug

Here is a bug report example (I borrowed and tweaked from the Line 6 forum) you can use as a template for reporting Aeros, BeatBuddy or MIDI Maestro help requests or bug reporting. Please consider copying and pasting this into post and replacing the data with your own. While not a requirement, this example shows what kind of data is needed to reproduce issues so the developers can begin working on a fix. For the Aeros, export the crash log and provide a video that captures the behavior as it happens. This information helps avoid the inevitable back-and-forth between the user and the Product Manager or Support.

Device/Firmware/Software Version: (Please, provide the firmware version number—it’s simply not helpful enough to state “the latest version.”

Beatbuddy Manager

Operating System:

macOS Sonoma 14.0

Description of the bug:

BeatBuddy Manager File > File > Synchronize Project menu grayed out

Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

  1. SD card inserted in computer slot reader.
  2. BeatBuddy Manager edits made to project—it was previously exported.
  3. The File > Synchronize Project menu entry is grayed out.


Cannot synchronize or update my project.

Expected Behavior:

To synchronize project.