Template Recall Workflow

So as an improvisational live looping artist I like having empty “template” files to recall on the fly that have a certain configuration. I have a Freeform one, Freeform with locked tracks, a Tempo Master quantized (tap) , and a master quantized auto (auto tempo detect). I call up each one when i have an idea that would fit that style configuration. I have figured out how to use the song recall feature to call these up with MIDI.

My main issue is that now if I want to save the composition i make from this “template” it becomes my new template. The fact that the midi song number is exclusive makes it very cumbersome to use in a live setting unless i completely want to scrap each piece with a clear all.

I would like to be able to preserve the original template file by having a “save as” or some workaround functionality. I would like it that when i save this new composition that was created in a template file it scraps the song recall settings and just saves it for future listening and remembering. I would like to have this ability without having to stop playing, futz around with menus and all that. Just a midi command that creates a copy or saves it with these fuctionalities.

Is any of this possible? Am I missing something?

Thanks so much!

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Hey there,

Could you potentially do the added step of Copy song after opening the template file?

Using the slideout menu (press and hold the bottom left button), use the wheel to highlight and select the Copy option


  1. Open template via MIDI
  2. Open slideout menu via MIDI or using the bottom left button
  3. Select Copy from the menu
  4. Record song

It’s one extra step but should work

The Handsfree menu is fully configurable so you could put the copy command at the top to not even have to scroll.

Let me know if this could work!

Here’s more info from the manual

Hands Free Slideout Menu

When in the Loop Studio, you can open the hands free slideout menu by pressing and holding the bottom-left button. The slideout menu is a quick and easy way to edit settings and send commands. There are two slideout menus: Playing and Stopped.

When the slideout menu is open, you can use the wheel and buttons to interact with it.

The slideout cannot be engaged when recording or overdubbing. If a recording or overdub is started, the slideout will close automatically.

Disabling the Slideout

Prior to version 5.0.0, holding the bottom left button would open the mixer. This is no longer the case. Instead, this will open the hands free slideout menu. You can open the mixer using the hands free slideout.

Note: If you remove the mixer options from the slideout when editing it, you will not be able to open the mixer.

To open the mixer directly instead of the slideout menu, you can disable the Playing or Stopped slideouts in the device Hands Free settings

Keep Selection

This setting makes it so that the slideout menu option you had sent last is automatically selected when the slideout menu is brought out again. If disabled, the option at the top of the menu is always selected when slideout menu is opened.

Close Menu Automatically (Playing/Stopped)

If a Hands Free Menu is set to close automatically, the menu will close itself after a command is sent. If the Close Automatically setting is off, the menu will stay open until manually closed by tapping the bottom left button.

Editing the Slideout Menu

The individual options in the slideout menu can be edited (reordered or shown/hidden) in the device Hands Free settings (read more about Hands Free settings on pg. x). You can find this screen by going to Settings > Hands Free and choose either one of the edit slideout options.

Here you can also set whether the slideout menu will close automatically every time you send a command or if it stays open until it is closed.

There two methods to change the order of the slideout menu options:

  1. Use the touchscreen to tap on either the up or down arrow buttons next to each option. This will move the specific slideout menu option up or down by one.
  2. Press the middle Aeros button, ‘Move’, while selecting a slideout menu option. Once you press move, use the wheel to change the option’s position, when you are done press the middle button, ‘Finish’, to stop moving the option and confirm the new position. This can be canceled by tapping the bottom left Aeros button before confirming.

To toggle whether the option is showing or hidden on the slideout menu:

  1. Tap the option’s corresponding blue circle on screen
  2. Use the right Aeros button, ‘Toggle’, while selecting the desired slideout menu option.

Here are the options for each state:

  • Playing

    • Mixer
    • Switch RPO/ROP
    • Undo
    • Mute
    • Reverse
    • Solo
    • Fade To Mute
    • Lock Track
    • Unlock Track
    • Sleep Screen
    • Mute Pause
  • Stopped

    • Save Song
    • Clear Song
    • Delete Last Part
    • Open Album
    • New Song 2x2
    • New Song 6x6
    • Mixer
    • Switch RPO/ROP
    • MIDI Behavior
    • Lock Track
    • Unlock Track
    • Copy Song
    • Home
    • Song Settings
    • Previous Song
    • Next Song
    • Sleep Screen
    • Go to Albums
    • Reopen Song
    • Mute