"templates" and saving on Aeros

Hi -

I thought it would be clever to create blank ‘template’ songs in aeros that had a few different configurations in order to avoid being stuck with a configuration I don’t want at the moment because that was how the last song was set up in Aeros.

However, if i use my ‘template’ to make an actual song, and then save the new song with a different name, my “template” is gone.

Is there a way to avoid this so that i can re-use my template?

Also, if i start a new song but select the option to NOT save when I’m done, aeros still creates a song on my song list. I do believe I saw some old posts mentioning this, but is there now any way to avoid this? One of the major drawbacks of aeros is having to scroll thru the list to find songs, so avoiding a large number of “song x” in the song list would be good. (if the ability to select songs on Aeros via MIDI is really imminent, that would be an even better way around this problem - fingers crossed! - but still would be better if it didn’t save a song when the ‘don’t save’ option is selected…)



Hello, there is no template feature currently. The Aeros only creates a new song based on last saved songs settings. We do have some ideas for utilizing templates in the future, more on this soon.

There is no way to avoid this behavior this is how the Aeros works currently. It is possible this will change later.

Thanks for the feedback!


I have the same issue… I’d previously suggested a “Save-As” feature where I could have a template (or any song really) and save it under a new name while leaving the original intact.
Hope they get something figured out… they’ve made many improvements so far!