Tempo at start!

When I start my BB the tempo is always at 110 !

How do I change the default start tempo ?


you can use the BeatBuddy Manager software to change the song’s individual set tempo but you can also set this by holding the tempo knob after setting the desired tempo while a song is open. Make sure that you have Default Tempo enabled, if disabled the BB will use the same tempo across all songs. (In the main menu: Main Pedal > Default Tempo)

Does this help?

Let me know!

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I want it to start with another tempo than 110.
Its always at 110 now when I start no matter what I do.
Default tempo is disabled !

You have to enable Default Tempo, like he said above. Then when you are in a song, you manually set the tempo you want, and press and hold the Tempo knob down- It will flash that default tempo is set. The default tempo is set for that particular song every time you go to use it. I do think where the confusion lies is by Singular, using the term “Default Tempo” as it sounds like that is the tempo for all songs, but it really means set tempo for the song you are in.

We are looking into this! It is a bug, the issue is the BB does not save the tempo last used when Default Tempo for individual songs has been disabled. It always starts back on 110 BPM once turned back on, it should keep the previous used value at last power down.

Thanks for reporting!

Sounds good to me.
Looking forward to the update.
Thanks !

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