Tempo bug in MacOS BBM?

Trying to edit tempos of songs, it reports the change saved, but when I then play the song (in the editor) it defaults back to the original saved tempo, NOT the edited one.

Is this a known bug in the MacOS app?

Probably not a bug that I’m aware of as I don’t see any other Mac users reporting the symptoms you’re observing.

Are you changing the tempo using the tempo slider at the top of the BBM window? If so, use the Default Tempo in the song or beat window instead.

no! I know that is only a temporary change - I am editing the tempo in the song itself then saving and the trying it via the play tab…the count in starts at the amended preset tempo, however once the first variation plays it reverts to the original tempo of the song. As if it’s programmed in somewhere? And has ignored the edit.

These exact same files and database do NOT have this problem when editing on a Windows PC.

If you’d care to export and share the song in a DM, I’ll check it out on my Mac BBM and then a DAW.

Thanks - I opened it in the other editor (the 3rd party one) and found that even though the player in MacOS, played it as I described, the actual tempo change I made WAS saved to the song - also checked by loading the card into the BB and again it played at the correct tempo - might be something in the actual player part of the app, or just a temp thing??

Will reboot the Mac and see what’s what!