Tempo Change and congratulations

[SIZE=6]Did I Forget to say beat buddy is a TREMENDOUS INNOVATION and a GREAT PRODUCT! THANKS TEAM![/SIZE]

Just a question:
Hi seems tempo change is not yet operational using firmware 1.8.5 using manager
Hoping for update i have a piece that works in manager already ; )

Thank you! :slight_smile:

The tempo change feature is not yet ready. We are working on the new BBManager, and we plan on redoing that tempo change feature there. Updates are in the works.

Howdy. Hows that temp change feature coming along? I am really interested in this feature where tempo is part of each pattern. Would make the pedal way more flexible for my uses. And save a whole lot of editing time to boot. Excellent product in any case any way.


Unfortunately still not available, due to the fact that we froze the most recent development of the new version of the BBManager, as we encountered many obstacles that we would need to overcome before we tackle this specific feature. It is still definitely on our to-do list though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I will keep watching for it.

Yikes any word on temp-change Ive been waiting 2 years so far :frowning_face:

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Saw mention on fb that there was a new firmware update to fix the issues with version 2.7.
New version being 3.2… Is there any truth to this and where can I find it?

Do you have a link to the post on Facebook? I had a quick look at singular sound’s page and couldn’t see anything about a 3.2

I’ll have to look it up… Pretty sure it came from David…
I could have imagined it though… Not able to get to fb at the moment but I will check it later and post back.


It’s on YouTube now, anyway!

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Yep found the link when looking for David’s post on fb. So there we have it.

Oh How I wish I could have different tempos between parts… I have so far only used Beat Buddy to create backing tracks for my own original songs and while I really dig playing with the Beat Buddy I keep having to go back to backing tracks for a few of my favorite songs because they have 1 or 2 tempo changes and the songs simply do not sound the way they should at the same tempo all the way through.

Love the support and the continuing updates but the main thing on my wish list is independent tempos for parts within a song. I will continue to beat this horse until it lives! :slight_smile:

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I wish too …

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I need this feature too… There are a lot of songs that changes tempo between parts…

There are any news abaut this feature?

I have spent some time thinking and reading about this feature.

At the end I think that I will need a midi control sistem to send messages to the BB. The problem is that the midi controls are expensives, bigs, and It only solve part of my needs. I would like to have, in the future, a good looper sync system.

So… i had bought a raspberry pi and I had started to designed a new project.

My idea is to have a rapsberry with a midi and audio interface with some software additions. Basically, I would like to have a software looper in the rapsberry and, then, sync the looper and the BB with a midi clock.

I would like to change between looper/BB parts song with a simple pedal click. And each part song could have a bpm time definition in the raspberry time.

At this time I started to test software parts and I think that it could be possible. I need some extra hardware… but I believe that in a short time I can have a beta.