Tempo change live?

Haven’t been on or updated for a while, has anything been done yet to change tempo mid song? i.e an ending going from 100bpm to 120 ? Any on the fly work around advice would be welcome.

Not quite yet. Some users will use a DAW to time-stretch the tempo for acelerando or ritardando. There is a firmware setting on the pedal to halve or double the tempo.

Thanks for the quick response, can you give me more details on the firmware setting please, i haven’t updated for about 3 years maybe more. also is there now a function for an extra footswitch where i can skip back n forth on songs by foot that may be a solution?

The remote foot switch allows you to scroll thru and select songs but it’s not an immediate process if that’s what you’re looking for.

The latest firmware version will allow you to halve or double the song or section tempo. It’s in the pedal firmware settings—I can’t recall if the user manual explains exactly where those settings are located.

Hey there,

Is this a ramp up to 120 or an immediate switch?

You can send a command to the BB to set it to a specific tempo immediately, as explained in the manual:

  • In order to directly set the tempo to a specific BPM, you need to use the Tempo MSB and Tempo LSB. The Beatbuddy will update its current tempo only when receiving the LSB message.
  • So the order of the message should be:
  1. MSB value
  2. LSB value

*Don’t forget, the value of the Tempo can only be set with both MSB (CC:106) and LSB (CC:107).
Here are a few examples of Midi message combinations:

MSB (CC:106) LSB (CC:107) Tempo
0 25 40
0 40 40
0 127 127
1 0 128
1 25 153
1 50 178
2 0 256
2 44 300
2 45 300
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I would love this to be an option in the BBM where you can do a ritard or accelerando over a bar or two and the BB would slow down gradually or speed up gradually. If you could specify the amount of bars the change would happen over that would be awesome.

Otherwise I’d recommend using a DAW to time stretch.

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