Tempo Change mid song

Hi all
On BB manager does anyone know how to insert a tempo change mid song?


Not presently a capability within the BeatBuddy features. However, if you’re using a DAW, there’s a tutorial posted by Phi Flood on how to create a pseudo tempo change within a MIDI source file.

Here’s the links to the tutorial:

Ok thanks Persist I’ll check it out

@persist Ive tried without much success to create a pseudo tempo change within a MIDI source file :frowning:
There are a lot of medleys in our setlist so this issue is preventing me from using the BB on stage which is a real drawback.
Could i load the files as wav or mp3 format and play them on the BB?

No, you can’t do that. Where you having problems with the pseudo tempo change?

Hi @Phil Flood I use Cakewalk Sonar X1 as my midi editor. I tried following your tutorial and adapting it to X1 but without much success. Is there a PC based midi editor that you could recommend for this task?

Does Sonar X1 have the Process>Length command? That is what you need. It is definitely available in Sonar X3.

Let me check it out…

@Phil Flood yes X1 has the Process>Length command. I’m making some progress now thanks!