Tempo Change per part in BB Manager

Hello. I saw a thread about this from 2016 but see no options in BB manager as of yet. I am a songwriter and some of my songs have tempo shifts in them. I’d like to be able to write them into song file, so that it doesn’t have to be dealt with on the fly.
This option seemed to be on the horizon for us in 2016. What gives!?
Thanks for your time.


Hey there,

We still plan on doing this but it has been delayed with the ongoing redesign of the BBM, we already plan on trying to achieve this capability


Since it’s been over a year since this question was asked, I’d like to re-ask. I’m also needing different tempos for song sections (reading the forum, this seems to be a very common desire!); is this available yet, or coming anytime soon? Thanks!

We hope to include this ability in BBM 2.X.X, so it is planned yes!

That’s great to hear! From the way you phrased this, sounds like it’s still quite a way off. If I’m wrong about that and it really is coming soon, please let me know!

We ae working endlessly on this and many other software projects, know it is in our interest to get it out ASAP, more news soon!