Tempo change RC 300 MIDI

Hi I’m new here!

I am using the Beatbuddy as a MIDI slave on my RC 300 looper. When I set a tempo on the looper, the tempo on the BB changes to match. Perfect. I start a loop and I get a perfect sync with the beat until I finish the phrase and touch the stop pedal on the RC 300. At that moment, the tempo display on the looper randomly changes, say from 105.0 to 132.7, and when I begin to overdub the base track is out of sync and wrong tempo.

Any thoughts?

Hey there, this is because of an integral flaw in the RC300, it is not meant to be master or slave to anything other than another RC300…
The RC300 doesn’t automatically do what the Aeros does, where it re-syncs to the playback of the BeatBuddy consistently to ensure there is no drifting. Even by setting the tempos to the same place, the BeatBuddy doesn’t communicate with the RC300 with much results.

There may be a fix to this issue, check out this post

Thank you for the reference. That thread recommends turning ON the rhythm switch when I’m using the beat buddy as a slave. This seems to work well, although you still have the various intros and outros on the beach buddy that make it hard to set a loop.

You can turn off the intros and outros on the BeatBuddy! Press both the Drum Set and Tempo knobs at the same time to go to the Settings on BB. Go to Main Pedal>Intro/outro(different folders)>Disable