Tempo change using the footswitch


I really enjoy using my beatbuddy, you did great work with it.

It would be really good for me if you could make it possible when not playing the left botten of the footswitch will use to speed down the tempo and the right botten will use to speed up the tempo so that I wont have to bend every time I need to set my tempo accurately and not with tapping my foot on it until i get the right tempo.

I’ll really appreciate if you make this change.

Tel aviv, Israel

How do you think this would work in practice? Each press increases or decreases the bpm by 1 - that could be a lot of presses or hold it down for more (don’t know if that is possible). What are you actually trying to do? Why don’t you create a set with the correct speed for the songs? If this is just for practice what do you do if you would then need to change songs; you would still need to bend down to change those.

It would work by holding it untill it get to the right bpm.
I usualy use it with one of the songs and don’t need to switch songs too much.
I’ll try creating the same song with different bpm but i think that it should be possible to do it with the footswitch.

I think he means kinda the same way you would scan radio stations in your car by holding down the ‘forward’ or ‘rewind’ button. This is actually not a bad idea to implement, if you need to use the same BBsong with two different tempos and you know ahead of time what each tempo is, instead of tapping it in.

We have a couple songs that speeds up as part of the show. It would be nice to hold the button down to increase the tempo.

I like that idea…

Hi all, I created a MIDI Clock Tempo Pedal. Check it out:

I’m impressed Mike!
I would be interested in buying one of them if you build it.

Hi Larry, no plans to build and sell them, but I’ll post a blog ASAP with full details and the Arduino source code.

I’m just becoming acquainted with my BB. It is awesome! For more progressive style songs, it would be nice to be able to easily switch from one tempo to another within the same song. Great work and advice everyone! Thanks!

Way to go Mike. I play a Roland digital accordion with my Beat Buddy. There are a ton of times I need to employ rubato, retards and accelerando and envisioned a tempo pedal just like this. Hopefully somebody offers one up for sale soon.

Very cool… I’m pretty tech savvy but most of your description was gibberish to me! LOL :slight_smile: I guess for now I’ll just continue to use the BB manager software to add more beats per bar to speed up the tempo. Great job!

i would also like this feature.
one of my songs changes tempo 6 times.
i have an idea that just might be possible…
if you set the footswitch up, so that it starts playing the next song when you press the switch and that next song is set to a different tempo…
would this be possible?
i mean for example my song with 6 tempo changes would need 6 songs with different tempos set up, so when it’s time to change tempo, i just tap the switch and it starts playing the next song with the new tempo set up?
would this be possible to do without any audible glitches between the songs?

Unfortunately, currently that’s not possible. Progressing to the next song will not be able to start playing it immediately.

Support for changing tempo between song parts is definitely one of the things that are likely to get added in the future.

You could have a global tempo (Like the default tempo in BB Manager) for each song and then having the option to set a local tempo on specific parts if you want.

That would be really cool and the fact is that someone said in a study that certain parts in a live performed song have a slightly different tempo and that is why it sound more alive and feel more intense, (A refrain in a song could have a few beat higher tempo than the verse etc etc)

Having now got use to using BB live with relatively no fear and from pretty much all positive feedback in its realism from fans and other musicians, I have found that for true dynamics, mainly in song endings there has to be a way to slow down outros gradually (i.e. ELO Mr Blue Sky) , this is such a common musical refrain in live music. I can only really think that a new footswitch featuring 4 or 5 function buttons can fulfil all the options that are pretty necessary in a live situation. …eg 2 for tempo up n down, then, pause, accent n tap tempo ? any tips or help for the current firmware to help would be appreciated. separate tempo settings for each main part would be sensible, and a volume as well as I see a change in a few live.

What would be really nice is if for each main pattern spot in BBM to have a checkbox for obey segment clock or have a BPM setting per segment select. That way the BPM in each .mid file could be used to change tempo and override the song tempo and go back to song tempo when not on an override part. Tap tempo for me is useless live or even for song setup which is one reason I modded it to put it at hand available height and off the floor.

I agree with having the ability to play a slow outro would be useful for dramatic effect.

Maybe with Midi Control???

Does anyone knows if there was a follow up on this request? I also have some songs with tempo changes :slightly_smiling_face: