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Hello everyone,
I’d like to know if there is a way to change tempo between different sections of a song.
For example: sections of Bohemian Rhapsody


No, this is currently beyond what BeatBuddy offers.

You can try play with changing time signature instead if you know the relation between tempos of both parts.

Hi, I’m a new member and not an owner yet so just checking a few things out before diving in.

How/where do you set the time signature for each part? I’ve looked around in the software (OSX) but it’s not jumping out at me.


Time signature is read from the MIDI files that are used as song parts in the BBManager.
Currently, you will need to use side party MIDI editors to change it.

I have used a midi editor to make my own transitions and slower parts. I just double the amount of distance between hits if I want to slow it by half, etc. It works. I even have one transition part where it gradually slows. I just messed around and approximated the distance until I got what I wanted.

You can tell the BB to do this via midi signals but the BB itself has no way to control different tempos within a song

So if you have a pedal or maybe an app on a tablet you can press a button to set tempo to a specific bpm or to increase/decrease 1 bpm at a time. So with practice you could I imagine even manage a Ritardando

Have a look at the MIDI Manual on the singular sounds download page https://singularsound.com/downloads/

So to set tempo to 96bpm for instance you could send Raw MIDI Hex message of B0 6A 00 B0 6B 60

This hex string is 2 groups of 3 numbers, the first group representing MSB and the second LSB setting. The three numbers in each group relate to midi channel, CC number, value

  • Midi channel is always value Bc where c is hex value from 0 to F representing channels 1 through 16. So B0 is channel 1, B1 is channel 2 etc…
  • CC number is 106 (in hex 6A) for MSB and 107 (in hex 6B) for LSB
  • value is the tempo setting as shown in the BB MIDI manual (MSB value is multiples of 128, so 1=128, 2=256, whereas LSB is a single value setting. They are both hex and the two values are used together to set the tempo.

Also see this post http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/changing-tempo-with-midi-bb-connected-to-setlist-maker.5696/page-2#post-29013

It took me a while to figure this out though as to be honest I think there ought to be a “For Dummies” version of this manual!!

I did a quick function in Excel to get it to list out the Raw Hex messages for tempos that I could then easily paste to my MIDI app (Bandhelper)

[FONT=Courier New]Decimal Tempo Value,Raw MIDI
60,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 3C
62,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 3E
64,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 40
65,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 41
66,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 42
68,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 44
69,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 45
70,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 46
72,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 48
74,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 4A
75,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 4B
76,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 4C
78,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 4E
79,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 4F
80,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 50
82,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 52
84,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 54
85,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 55
86,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 56
88,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 58
89,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 59
90,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 5A
92,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 5C
94,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 5E
95,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 5F
96,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 60
98,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 62
99,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 63
100,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 64
102,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 66
104,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 68
105,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 69
106,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 6A
108,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 6C
109,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 6D
110,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 6E
112,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 70
114,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 72
115,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 73
116,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 74
118,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 76
119,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 77
120,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 78
122,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 7A
124,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 7C
125,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 7D
126,B0 6A 00 B0 6B 7E
128,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 00
129,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 01
130,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 02
132,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 04
134,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 06
135,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 07
136,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 08
138,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 0A
139,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 0B
140,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 0C[/FONT]

My Beat Buddy arrived today and the most important features for me were song selection and tempo change when I select a new song in Bandhelper. My transitions between songs were far too slow before as I had to manually set up my drum machine with the pattern and tempo… Thanks to this post, now I just select the song I want to play in Bandhelper and it’s all ready to go! :slight_smile:


I’ve added on a few more that I needed to use below in case someone needs them.

142,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 0E
144,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 10
145,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 11
146,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 12
148,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 14
150,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 16
151,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 17
152,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 18
154,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 1A
155,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 1B
156,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 1C
158,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 1E
160,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 20
162,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 22
164,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 24
165,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 25
166,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 26
168,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 28
170,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 2A
172,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 2C
174,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 2E
175,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 2F
176,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 30
178,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 32
180,B0 6A 01 B0 6B 34

Just found this. Nice job, Chris! Thanks!

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