Tempo indicator when song is stopped

I would like to suggest that when a song is in stopped mode, there is a blinking indicator on the screen somewhere to show the tempo. The blinking indicator can be a dot or a star or even some of the text on the screen.

This is helpful, when doing a song where the beat comes in mid way. Then the singer can time his singing to the blinking indicator.

Don’t stop the BB, just pause it. The display will keep tracking just like it does when it’s playing.

Pausing a song won’t work if you are on stage and the song is part of a set. You cannot start and quickly pause a song on stage, just to get the tempo indicator to show. Also, to unpause, there will be no Intro.

Since tempo is everything when it comes to drums, a blinking indicator should be an integral part of the beatbuddy, whichever mode the song is on, whether Stopped or paused.

There are two types of pause, one where the beat tracking is shown, and one that no tracking is shown. For the latter, I’m also suggesting that a tempo brinking indicator is shown, and when unpaused, it starts from the first beat.

Since BB is sending Midi Time even when it`s stopped, it should be easy to implement a litle indicator sign…:wink:
In addition it would also make people aware, that there is Midi tempo sent. (Okay, we allready know, but when it is sent anyway, why not show how fast/slow?)

Forgive my ignorance, but why can’t you pause the BB while on stage, regardless of where you are in a set?

If you program a song intro that is silent, the tempo indicator will still display during the intro. You could also program a song part that is completely silent, or even create a fill or transition that is silent, and that you can trigger when un-pausing.

In the upcoming firmware upgrade we will have an option to enable the visual metronome even when the song is not playing. :slight_smile:

We actually happen to have an early version of the upcoming firmware upgrade that already has this feature, but since we are still beta-testing and working on some other cool additions, we haven’t released it yet. Once it is complete with all the new features, we will release it to everyone. If anyone would like to try the current version that we have already (1.73) which includes the visual metronome in ‘stopped’ mode, email me at support@mybeatbuddy.com - and I will give it to you.

Dear BB Support,
That is great news.
How about the visual metronome when in Pause mode? The beat tracking mode currently available in Pause mode causes the BB to un-pause on whichever beat that is shown when the main pedal is pressed. I prefer to have the ‘un-pause’ to start on the first beat, and hence have to deactivate the Pause beat tracking. A visual metronome is useful in this ‘no beat tracking Pause’ mode as it gives the musician the chance to come close to the tempo before un-pausing.

@BeatBuddy Support New firmware has loads of interesting features. Still not fond of the tap tempo implementation. It shouldn’t change to a different display, but flash the tempo on the regular play screen when using an external pedal for the said function.

  • One bug I’ve found is that when a pattern has no accent assigned and I press the accent button the pedal crashes into a reboot.

‘Mute Pause’ does this. It’s already a feature in firmware version 1.41 :slight_smile:

As far as I know, nothing has been changed with tap tempo in the new version of the firmware. Regarding the bug, I will investigate it. Thank you for letting us know!

Dear BB Support,
In ‘Mute Pause’ mode, when the BB main pedal or the BB switch is pressed, does the song began on the first measure of the bar?
I think a visual metronome should also be there in ‘Normal Pause’ mode.

Another thing: Firmware 1.73 doesn’t play well with my Roland SPD-20. All sounds are chopped and ended with a sharp click when I strike any pads . Guess it’s got to do with the new ability to decide each notes duration via MIDI.

In ‘Mute Pause’ mode, the song continues exactly on the beat that visual metronome is currently on. When you unpause it, it will start from there, not the first beat (unless that’s where the beat indicator happens to be).

Can you send an unlisted YouTube video of this happening to support@mybeatbuddy.com ? Also, in the video please explain/show what settings were used, what the setup is, and what you are doing - so we have a better picture of what’s going on, and if there is a bug, we will be able to find it easier.

BB Support, I think many people would like to un-pause on the first beat. Hence a visual metronome displayed under ‘Normal Pause’ would be most useful.