Tempo indicator without starting pedal

I think a handy feature might be to have a blinking tempo indicator on the display when the BB is not running. So for example you could start in instrumental intro or vocal intro timed to the blink and then start the pedal when you’d like the drums to start up. This would help to make sure your Non-drum part of the song was played on tempo.

This option is in the new Beta firmware you can toggle the tempo indicator on or off when beatbuddy is stopped. Not sure when the official release will be but you can email beatbuddy support and they will send you a copy.

Correct. You can just email me at support@mybeatbuddy.com and I will give it to you.

When is the new version coming out?

Thanks guys… not to sure if I want to install the Beta firmware yet. Are there still bugs being reported?

I’ve found the beta firmware to be very stable. I think I’m running 1.77

Thanks Rob22315… that’s good enough for me. I appreciate the feedback.

Yeah the beta firmware is great, in the way I use it at least - however to make use of some of its features requires the beta manager and that is quite buggy.

Correct. The firmware appears to be fairly stable, we just need to complete the documentation and run a last few tests on it. The software though will need a bit more time to be fixed and be stable enough for release, but we are also taking care of that as fast as we can. :slight_smile:

The FW v.1.77 is very stable, use it!!!

Thanks again… just updated to the beta firmware… works great!

running on BETA, no issues whatsoever.

We’re releasing the official non-beta v1.85 tomorrow. Stay tuned!

sneak peak? do you have a changelog? thanks! great support team as always.

A sneak peak will be available for everyone tomorrow. :wink:

Yes, we have a changelog. All details will be published in the forum post.