Tempo is slower depending on temperature

I really hope it’s not me, but I’ve noticed when I’m performing outside with my BeatBuddy, the tempo is slower than inside. I was questioning my sanity last month when it began to warm up a little, then last week it warmed up more and it grabbed my attention. I was outside on a 72 degree patio, it was humid, and I noticed my beats were just dragging. The tempo was the same. I was inside on a stage last night, and I felt like I had to try and keep up with the drums! Is it just me or is there something really happening here?

First time I recall hearing something like this. Only thing I can think of that could possibly be causing the problem is an SD card that’s beginning to age. If you have a backup card, you can test it when it happens again. This will help to eliminate the card as a possible cause of the problem. If it does, be sure to contact Support for assistance.


Good Idea

Maybe because you are outside in the nice sunshine you are drinking beer and getting into the grove but inside you are a bit tense!

Makes the beatbuddy even more life like!

If only I drank beer during my shows. That would maybe answer alot of things.