Tempo knob Bug?

I just received my Beatbuddy and I found something weird.

When I turn the TEMPO knob clockwise, the tempo is increased.
When I turn the TEMPO knob counterclockwise, the tempo is increased again.
Same way when I turn TEMPO knob in the parameter mode. The parameter list only scrolled down .
DRUM SET knob allows scrolling up and down.
The firmware version is 3.6.0

Is it a bug?

Thanks for help

Try to download a fresh copy of the firmware and then reinstall to SD card using computer’s SD slot reader.

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I downloaded fresh copies using iMac and PC (both with SD slot).
Same result

Contact Support.

Ok. Thank for your help.

It’s a hardware issue, not completely uncommon in these types of rotary knobs. I haven’t looked closely at mine, but if you can pull the knob off, hit it with some good contact cleaner, preferably something that doesn’t leave a “protective film.” Something like:

And yes, definitely talk to Support.


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I’m waiting Monday for a answer from the support.
In case of hardware issue, I’ll ask for an exchange to my supplier

I just received an answer for the support.
The BB must be replaced.
I’m going to ask for an exchange to my supplier.

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