Tempo Pedal

My feature request would be a “Tempo Pedal”. Just like you can plug in the footswitch pedal, imagine if you could plug in a volume pedal, and use it to control tempo. I play in a group where the lead wants to change the tempo through a song, particularly at the end. I’d love to be able to slow down the tempo on a song by “backing off” on a volume pedal. Oh yeah.

You could even have a fancy expensive new add-on, a “Tempo Pedal” that also had an LED readout of the tempo. Oh yea.

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I don’t know if your idea is feasible… What I do when I want a ritardando at the end of a song is I just stop the beat and then go slower.

I would assume you could pretty easily do this with a MIDI expression pedal. Having not actually received my BB yet, though, I couldn’t tell you for sure. I expect it in a couple days. :slight_smile:

The MIDI is only for MIDI clock sync, nothing else (and even then it’s really not great as a slave).

Yeah, I figured that out soon after I posted this. Sounds like perhaps in a future firmware update.
Thanks for the correction.

tempo pedal is everyone’s dream

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So @BrennanSingularSound, is it possible to set a ritard at the end of a song (or any part really I guess) with the BB or is it not really an option?

You can set a half-time in the pedal settings.

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Yeah the half time using the footswitch isn’t really a gradual slow down though it just cuts straight to the half time beat. I know it can work some ways by ‘time stretching’ which I’ve had mixed results with. I’m just curious if the BB software could actually do it through the firmware?

As I think about ritardando and since the developers were able to create half- and double-time modes, it would seem logical that they could program the real ritardando as well as accelerando modes.

I manage time-stretching quite easily now thanks to Phil_Flood’s Logic Pro X tutorials.

Since we have a workaround using our DAWs and that over the years fewer than a dozen BB users have asked for this feature, it’s not likely we’ll see it.

If users would choose features, would they rather have ritardando or fade-outs, or both?

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Yeah I have to find a way to get Phil’s method working with Cubase as I do not use Logic Pro.I can get a result by ‘spacing’ the drum hits but it takes awhile to get them sounding right and doesn’t always work.

Maybe? So, instead of using numerical values, you split the part you want to ritardando into, for example four sections. Let’s say you have 4 measures. Stretch the first one to a bar and one beat. Second to a bar and two beats, etc. This would create a 50% slow down over 4 bars. That’s the basic concept.

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Thanks for that Phil. I will play around with it.