Tempo Pedal

My feature request would be a “Tempo Pedal”. Just like you can plug in the footswitch pedal, imagine if you could plug in a volume pedal, and use it to control tempo. I play in a group where the lead wants to change the tempo through a song, particularly at the end. I’d love to be able to slow down the tempo on a song by “backing off” on a volume pedal. Oh yeah.

You could even have a fancy expensive new add-on, a “Tempo Pedal” that also had an LED readout of the tempo. Oh yea.

I don’t know if your idea is feasible… What I do when I want a ritardando at the end of a song is I just stop the beat and then go slower.

I would assume you could pretty easily do this with a MIDI expression pedal. Having not actually received my BB yet, though, I couldn’t tell you for sure. I expect it in a couple days. :slight_smile:

The MIDI is only for MIDI clock sync, nothing else (and even then it’s really not great as a slave).

Yeah, I figured that out soon after I posted this. Sounds like perhaps in a future firmware update.
Thanks for the correction.