TEMPO problem in the July 2019 Premium Content and new 2.0 Libraries

I’ve just purchased and downloaded the Premium Library and after much work have it and the new 2.0 default libraries loaded. Imagine my surprise when I find that many of the drum loops, fills, and transition loops have been saved with specific tempos. In the past, loops where saved with a tempo of 0 or “song default”. I also see that much of the new 2.0 content has been saved the same way (eg., check out the BLUES folder). I can’t imagine any scenario where this could possibly be useful. To change a songs tempo, you now have to change the default tempo, then go into every loop and change the tempos that are set to anything other than 0 or song default.

Is there anyway possible to do this automatically in BBM (ie., set all loop tempos to 0)? Is this only an issue in BBM? Does the Beatbuddy pedal recognize the tempo differences in loops? Hopefully this gets corrected in the new libraries.

Upgrading these libraries is a ton of work for me. I use Onsong Midi commands to control the BB pedal, and to keep everything in known positions, I number all folders, songs, and drumsets. That way, new content is never inserted in the middle of existing content. If something was inserted, the Midi commands would not select the correct song or drumset on the Beatbuddy. It’s a lot of work on the BBM side, but it would be even more work on the Midi side.

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Ok, I created an SD card with the Blues folder and found that the pedal ignores the loop tempo, so this only a problem (a big problem) for the BeatBuddy Manager.

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Heard back from tech support. I’m using manager version 1.66 instead of 1.65. 1.65 ignores the tempo saved in the loop, 1.66 does not.