Tempos no longer match

OK weird deal here. My Aeros is 70% full and I have 51 original songs on it. I was going through each of them last night and 2 of my songs have tempos that no longer match the BeatBuddy tempos. One of them shows a tempo of 72, but the BeatBuddy must be set to 92 to match. The other song shows 100 but its actually 110 on the BeatBuddy. I guess I hadn’t played either of these songs in some time, at least not since the last update. Does anyone know what the deal is here?

Are these songs done in some time signature other than 4/4? I have seen issues with 12/8 songs improperly applying tempo when moving from a DAW to BB. It depends how the value of a beat is decided. In 12/8, we normally look at a triplet timing where it takes 3 eight notes to equal 1 beat. This might be throwing the calculations off between devices.

No Sir, both are in 4/4. I’m wondering if maybe I had initially set the tempo for these two songs using the expression pedal on the Midi Maestro. I got so used to using tap tempo (also on the MM) that I still use it mainly. I am baffled. Gonna prolly pull both songs off, reboot and reinstall them maybe.

Oh yeah, this might be helpful. I am version 4.2.4