New to BB. How do I save the tempo to my set list. There are some songs I want to use in the same set with different tempos. Thanks in advance.

You can do it one of 3 ways:
[]Read the user guide :slight_smile: (sorry, simply couldn’t resist)
]Set the tempo in the BBM per each song; save your project and sync with SD card
[*]Set the tempo on each song in the pedal and sync SD card with BBM

It also might be a good idea to edit the song title to reflect the two different tempi. Example: Love 100 and
Love 120. IIRC, BB will bring the songs in as just Love and Love(1).

isn’t there something in the pedal setting that has to be set to play Default tempo? or something like that

It can also be set via MIDI iirc, yes?