Terrapin Station (pt I, II, & III)

In the spirit of Phil Flood’s uploading of Dead songs, as another Dead Head, I figured I’d share some of the Dead stuff I hadn’t posted previously.

Uses NP Big E-Piano and Bass C XXrp

Another version of terrapin, a little bit closer to the live versions vs the studio version, with some of the other parts of the suite. Broken down into segments, Loop 1 is, Lady with a fan loop, next outro of lady into pt II so timing required, followed by pt II, then pt III.

Terrapin_Station.sng (49.6 KB)

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Good stuff … thanx buddy

You’re welcome, no guarantees its perfect…made it for personal use a ways back, but certainly close enough for rock and roll…

That is a long song with a lot of different stuff in it… no one will ever know

ha! Good point!