Terrible hissing Beatbuddy on amp


I dit sent back my purchased beatbuddy, because it gave a severe hissing sound om my amp. (Fender blues junior) . I thought it was because I had a B-stock one. So I ordered a

compete new one. Unfortunalely the new one is even worse than the B-Stock. Hisssing is realy terrible and loud. Tried another place in the house, tried other eathed mains, tried to earth the beatbuddy itself, tried other new cables, but nothing helps. Hav also the latest firmware on the stick. Is it not possible to connect the beatbuddy to this apm? With headphones no problems. Please help me for a solution!

Coert van Dam


I’m going to take a guess…

Most guitar amps have a high impedance input so as to not load down the pickups on the guitar which can cut the highs making the guitar less bright. The Blues Junior has about a 1 meg ohm input impedance, so this is consider high.
I have no idea as to the audio output circuit of the BeatBuddy, but typically these types of pedals are designed to have an amp with a lower input impedance towards 10 kohms -20 kohms (sometimes referred to as a ‘Line Input’). The lower impedance may load down the output circuit of the BB and reduce or completely eliminate the hiss.
The BB pedal being a digital device, internally produces a ‘digital noise’ inside the box. The BJ amp may be overly sensitive to hearing this noise and results in the hiss you hear.
If you don’t have another amp or maybe a mixer input to try, could you possibly take the BB to a music store and try it with a small powered PA speaker (tell them you’re looking for a small amp for the pedal :slight_smile: ). This may confirm that the BJ isn’t the right amp to use.

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You can also search and browse the forum for other users’ feedback on the best way to amplify the sound of your BB e.g., searching on “best amp” comes up with https://forum.singularsound.com/search?context=topic&context_id=7096&q=Best%20amp&skip_context=true

In addition to the hissing problem, most guitar amps reproduce a limited frequency range and they don’t usually do the drums audio from your BB justice. Many users have posted about what works best for them. They tend to use PA systems, modeler amps, powered hi-fi speakers and drum amps (such as from Roland or Simmons).

I would experiment a little more with you amp by trying to adjust the volume with your pedal and your amp. In the end though, I’m guessing that you may go looking for another means of amplifying your BB.

I just plugged my BB pedal into my BJ amp. Lots of background hiss and as persist suggested, a guitar amp is voiced differently than a PA type amp and it doesn’t really do justice to the great sounds the BB can put out. Your pedal is likely OK, but just would like to see a different amp.

Thanks Mark F48 and persist. Seems that the BJ amp is not suited for the BB. Realy akward that Singular Sound does not tell anything about this problem.
So if I want to use the BB I have to buy an PA type amp. Just figured out what that PA is.
So I have to decide, BB out or buy another amp. Expensive decission.

It doesn’t need to be a big or expensive ‘PA’ or powered speaker. Kind of depends if you just play at home or if you maybe play out for groups of people.

If just at home, possibly something like this may work… https://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_b207mp3.htm
I would recommend if you get something, for it to have more than just one input (microphone plus one or two 1/4" inputs for the BB and perhaps another device).
Best to go to a local music shop to see what they have that fits your budget. I think there have been a few posts here about what others are using for amplifiers.

I’ve been using this >> https://www.thomann.de/gb/alto_trouper.htm for the BB and vocals. It sounds good and has good volume.

Keyboard amps work well, too. As do acoustic guitar performer amps, that have an aux input. For small bar types gigs, I use a Roland KC-350. It handles the BB, my guitar and a mic. If you can find a used Crate CA-60, or something else from that family, those work well. I used to have a solid state Laney stage monitor wedge. That would have worked real well, to, but just for the BB, as it only had the single input.