Tested SD card recommendation?

Hello, people!

I just received my new Aeros yesterday and faced a problem with my SD card. It is 32GB and freshly FAT32 formatted but the looper does not recognize it.
I will be thankful if someone could suggest a tested and working model with Aeros.

Here is an image of my Sandisk Extreme. I thought it fulfills all the recomendations of Singular Sound…

Thank you and have a good and productive day :slight_smile:

P.S. I am ot he latest firmware (4.3.1)

Hi I have the Same Card ScanDisk but Is a 64GO / 150MB/s and it works perfectly…

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Thanks for the info! If it won’t be difficult, could you please take a photo of it and post it here? I want to be sure what exactly to buy.
Thanks a lot for the reply and have a great day :slight_smile:

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I’m surprised! I thought Aeros only took up to 32gb. Glad it works for you.

Me too, that’s what I read in the docs. I only had that on hand I tried and I still haven’t had any problems… I still have a good backup… :grimacing:

Thanks again! :beers:

mon, did you get the SD card from a reputable seller? Some 3rd party Amazon and eBay sellers sell counterfeit/fake SanDisk (and other manufacturers) memory devices. These sometimes perform poorly or not at all. My inclination is to believe the 32gb card you have should work if it’s a genuine SanDisk card. While I don’t have an Aeros, I have never had a problem with any SanDisk product I’ve bought. I think and I may be incorrect that 32gb may be the largest size the Aeros (or BeatBuddy) can fully use if the file system in the Aeros is based on FAT32.
There are utilities that can benchmark and test memory media. Two I use for Windows are ‘Flash Drive Tester’ and ‘FlashBench’


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Thanks for the reply! I bought it from a high-end camera shop with a very good reputation. This card works like a charm in Empress pedals and PC and I am pretty sure it is genuine.
I hope it won’t turn out to be a problem with my particular Aeros unit.
My plan is to buy a tested by other users card and see if that fix the problem.
Have a great day :slight_smile:

Lexar, Samsung Sd
Micro Sd work aswel with the adapter
Don’t go more that 9OMbs

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Thank you for the recomendations!
Have a great and creative day :slight_smile:

Could you please send me a picture of your particular card?

All these works perfect

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Thanks a lot!

To be sure
When, you insert your sdcard into the Aeros
Make a song
Stop the looper
press the ssdcard icon to save the song
Normaly the sdcard must be lighting

If you have the memory icon lighting, just press the sdcard icon , this transfer the song to your sdcard

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Yeap. Thats exactly what I tried to do.

Interesting update…
I tried formatting the card in another device (DSLR in this case) and Aeros finally recognized it. The file system is the same type as it was before but it seems that the camera did something different than the PC.
I would suggest to all that are having troubles with their cards to try formatting them in something different than PC.

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