Testing bass with drums...tedious!

Ok, been working on a song called “Hey bartender” Got the drums no problem. So I thought lets add some Bass. Ok, I get the jist of it. But wondering if there are limitations on what the bass part can do. I have the bass set in the key of A. It starts out fine but it doesn’t like hitting the notes going up and down parts of the scale as in a “Bass run”(It is within the 64-88 note area). Is it too much for the pedal to handle all the bass notes plus the drums playing at the same time? It’s not bad for the most part. I did have to quantize the notes of the bass before they would play at all. Just thinking out loud here :wink:

Frank B^)

With the latest beatbuddy manager etc. Ive been finding with the way I create the bass if one of the bass notes overlaps with the next note the next note won’t play in beatbuddy manager. If the bass doesn’t play properly I go back and fix up any overlaps and problems fixed. Not sure if this is the same problem you are having or not. And it doesn’t have to be a big overlap, just the smallest overlap will do it.

Exactly! I was checking that over and yes I had to pull some notes that were stacked up over each other. Commercial midi at that. When I play the bass track by itself it really sounds good in the lower register. With the drums blended in it just kind of loses it’s sparkle a bit. I’ll go back at it tomorrow. My head is about to explode. LOL

We had a discussion about splitting up the drum and bass tracks so they could be treated as seperate input’s into a mixer using left and right outputs on beatbuddy to allow more control of volume of bass. This might give you a bit better sound although it will mix the drum instruments to mono if you are currently using stereo.

Resource for Drumset here with links in the comments to revelent threads.

That sounds interesting. I’ve always run mono with my drums over the years. no big deal for myself. panning of both would be a nice addition.