Testing out my new PA. This is only a test.

Using my BB, (of course) my GR-55 for the Wurlitzer through my guitar for My Life and the guitar sound for Baby Blue. I put this on with all the warts included. It’s still a work in progress with these two songs. Lyrics…

Sounds great.

Baby Blue is nicely done. Thanks for sharing, Jim.

Baby Blue… man that takes me back! I already have No Matter What on my song list, I’ll have to add this one. Thanks for sharing.

Nice work- is My Life with bass posted in resources? If not would you mind posting it?

I’ll post it. It sounds good using the original Rock with bass to really pop the base notes. Kind of like the Rhodes or electric piano bass line feel. Hopefully it transfers in nicely to use with the updates. I’m afraid to reload it and lose the nice arpeggiated bass octaves. If it odes get messy or cut off, just shorten all of the bass notes so they don’t overlap. seems to fix it.