Texas Flood ( Just Bass and Drums )

Worked on this all day. Its not perfect. :scream:

I used the drum track from the version that was already out there and added a click in and deleted the end part on the drums where it stops for vocals. Also moved the closed hi hat to Ride :sunglasses:

Also redid the bass lines. :guitar:

tell me what you guys think ?
I’m kinda a newbie at this midi stuff

I used NP StdPBass 63-91

Texas_Flood.sng (13.4 KB)

I tried to upload NP StdPBass 63-91 but it said the file was to large.

Sorry :love_you_gesture:

It’s here NP StdPBass 63-91 kit

Cool and thanks :sunglasses:

Did you give a listen ?

Just wondering how I did ?

It was kinda hard doing those bass lines on my keyboard but its do able .

I just finished listening to it. Had to go back and listen to SRV and Double Trouble as well. Pretty good, especially since you did the bass manually (entered by keyboard). I’ll try to get around to running it through my studio monitors so I can turn it up :grinning:


Yeah the keyboard thing is tough but it works. I basically record a sloppy measure and then correct my screw ups on that measure and then go to the next measure etc. etc.

Took forever,

Not happy about the cymbals but it sounds okay when you play guitar and sing. The ending is kinda rough but it works. Very happy that I forced myself to learn this stuff. I’ve been writing a lot of songs lately. All good stuff

Thanks for all your help :sunglasses:

You’re welcome and I’m glad that more users are contributing great music.

I just played this on my powered speakers.Plays well. The bass is a little too loud for my humble (cheap) speakers and they rumble almost to the point of clipping. If I were to make a suggestion, once you’ve finished your song, try playing it back loudly through your music instrument amplifier/PA/monitors to see if the volume’s suitable for your gear. If it’s too loud, you can then lower the velocities to taste. Eventually you’ll find the bass volume sweet spot for your gear.

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Great Idea. I’ll look into that this weekend and see if I can fix that.

Merry X-Mas

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I see exactly what your saying about the Volume and distortion. Its in all my songs :frowning:

I tried moving the Fader down and that don’t decrease the volume . Even turned it off and its still loud with distortion, There’s something I’m doing wrong UGGH. I keep trying different stuff. What am I missing ?

Sorry for the dumb question. I 'm pretty sure this will be that last one …lol

If you are using a DAW (digital audio workstation) to craft your songs, select all of the bass notes and then reduce the velocity. Depending on the drum sets, an average velocity of 33 (NP StdPBass 63-91) will work; some of Phil_Flood’s newer kits (SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31) might require the bass around 24-27).

Got it and thanks . Much appreciated

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