Thank You - Dido

Would love to get the beat and set that works for this song.


I’ll take a look at working this up.

Awesome, thanks!

Thanks so much for doing this Persist it’s really great! I know this may be asking too much but… is the any way you could parse Version 1 it up into intro and a main. I tried to use the midi error but it’s too large or complicated or something and the BB Mgr keep crashing when I try.

Let me take a look and see what I can do.

Thank you sir! Appreciate you!

Let me know if this is what you had in mind. The intro consists of the drums for 8 bars and the piano would play for almost 16 more bars. The vocals enter exactly at the start of the main.

Away on biz travel but will try when I get home this weekend. Thanks very much!!

Thanks so much. I was able to use yours and then split it up into 3 main parts so I could toggle at my discretion. Adjusted a bit by changing electronic snare to cross-stick. Thanks again!

Glad you were able to tweak it to taste. Thanks for sharing your version.