Thank you!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the community. I just did a little rehearsal and with the help of the community, I was able to:

  • Play a user generated song with bass, both OPB and segmented
  • Adjust the key using reaper
  • Use OnSong to bring up the song
  • Use OnSong to trigger different volume outputs

I learned all of this from this wonderful, sharing community and wanted to acknowledge and thank all of the help I’ve received!

Next up, segmenting songs and integrating the Midi Maestro.


I can even add to this post! First gig since I finally was able to do the above mentioned items. Went extremely well. Great crowd, we had really good control of Beat Buddy and we’re excited to continue to make modifications to our songs and set.

OnSong and Beat Buddy are great products. Can’t wait to add the Midi Maestro to the collections once the app is released.

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the midi meastro is pretty useful using it’s default BB mode! You can divide up your songs by part - verse, chorus, bridge, whatever, and call up any specific one (up to 5) with a single button push. For instance, to get from main part 1 to main part 3, you just select it… you don’t have to advance to 2, then advance again to 3. I also like the ability to have multiple sound effect triggers instead of just one per part. it’s fun to have a kick trigger on demand!