THAT’S ALL RIGHT (MAMA) - Elvis Presley - OPB

This was Elvis’ big breakout hit. After five fruitless sessions where Sam Phillips was looking for “something” special, Elvis, playing rhythm, Scotty Moore on lead, and Bill Black on bass started tinkering around with Arthur Crudup’s tune (1946), originally recorded by Blind Lemon Jefferson (1926). Phillips asked them to try it again, more upbeat and asked Moore to come up with a solo. Unbeknownst to the trio, Phillips turned on the one track recorder. Only one take was needed.

I tried to stay faithful to the recording, but mashed together the concert version (an extra verse, slightly different ending and intro). Everything you need is on the cheatsheet and the tab for Moore’s part.remember, Moore did it entirely on his own, no overdubs were possible and only one track.

Have fun… great tune. Uses standup bass and brushes kit.

thats all right (mama).zip (89.2 KB)

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Thanks, Great! I love the old 50s Rockabilly

Glad you like it. Like I said, I tried to stay faithful to it.