the ability to label song parts

I’ve been creating some relatively complicated song files and it would be very very helpful in a performance situation to be able to look down and see “FIRST VERSE”, “PRE-CHORUS”, “CHORUS”, “BRIDGE”, etc. rather than squinting down at “Part 3/12”

I know I’m probably taking the pedal to places it wasn’t initially intended, but that’s not a bad thing :slight_smile: I’ve been creating jam songs like “Dear Mr. Fantasy” and am working on “Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys” and lemme tell you, you don’t realize how many changes there are in the 6 to 12 minute opuses until you transcribe them to midi fragments.

So anyway, it would be great if in the management software and in the SNG format, you could allow us to tag sections with short names that could be easily read without bending down

This is a very good suggestion, and I remember this being discussed as early as this summer. I think it’s still in the work.

Beat Buddy 2 is larger, 3 buttons on one pedal, with a large display.

You indeed have a very strange sense of humor. I don’t think I get it though, as these useful features users may seek will not lead to what you describe.

Like this,

I third the request. Think this would make and already robust interface more interactive and informative for quicker working and modification of songs.