The Aeros mode with one addition: BB mute

I’m perfectly happy with the latest Aeros mode and the way I can control the BB/Aeros combo. I have one wish, though, and that is to mute the BB while the loops keeps playing, so that I can bring drums in and out during a song. As I understand it, this can be done by enabling the mute pause in the BB settings, and the use CC111 (0-127) to engage/disengage that mode.

Making a custom mode from scratch seems a far stretch to me, so I wonder if it’s possible to copy the Aeros mode settings to a custom mode and go from there, leaving only the BB mute/unmute function to be entered.

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If you have a Footswitch (like our Footswitch+) you can set the footswitch to activate mute-pause, no MIDI needed!

Just go to BB settings, under Footswitch to modify its behavior to your needs!

Does this help your case? Let me know!


I’ve got a footswitch, and I’ll surtenly try it, However, I’m looking to reduce the footprint, and that’s why I would like to keep it to the SS trifecta with no extra footswitch or volume pedal.

Unfortunately, this is not something we will likely incorporate into the Aeros mode, as there isn’t much realty left, with the app you can download other users configurations if they upload them, there may be such a mode in existence already, if not you can certainly re-create it.

The footswitch can come in handy for both the MM and the BB, on the MM it can be used to turn the pages, making it very easy to make a custom mode that uses all the screens for commands and not for a bunch of redirecting commands.