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Hello everyone I upgrade my equipment.! Im being using spider 3 with rc -30 looper.but the beatbuddy dosen’t sounds not so good on the spider 3,Now i got beatbuddy and im getting Aeros looper. What amp you guys recommend for the beatbuddy, Aeros looper and the guitar with the pedals board. Thanks

Try a keyboard amp.

You should check this out:
“Aspen Pittman Designs Center Point Stereo Spacestation V.3 280W 3D Stereo Monitor | Sweetwater”

Do a Google search. They are a bit pricey but huge pristine sound for the size/weight.
Then focus on stereo effects to give an amazing experience to your audience.

There were a couple of users that used this for their BeatBuddy (BB) and guitars.

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If using a modeling amp or IR loader for electric, it sounds amazing and can easily fill a venue if 2 - 300. They don’t even recommend putting it on a stand.

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A guitar am is designed to focus on sound berserk 300k and 2k.

What you want is a full range amp/speaker……keep your spider and buy a powered PA speaker for your studio to go into. You then get a mic and mic your amp if you are using the sounds from it………or get a cab simulator and run your pedal board straight in….

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pedals/modeling amp/preamp/tube amp-load box record/line out >
Cab Sim > DD > Looper > PA > Monitor.
Beat buddy > PA > Monitor
i have two notes cab M cab sim (can become amp line out with speaker or load box.).
HK just released Stompman.

some are using Powered Guitar Cabinets ala headrush or line 6, for pedalboard guitar wouldn’t apply to you. and not sure how BB would sound in those.

in place of PA could be keyboard, some Acoustic or busking amps and monitor depends on scale.

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I use e-drum amplifiers for my Beatbuddy. I have two of these, so I can run stereo mode!

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I tried a few things and they did not work. In the end, I got two 8” JBL studio monitors and a simple $100 little mixer board. The little boards all have perfectly fine pre-amps. Plug the left/right out of the BeatBuddy into two channels on the board…tweak the gain…have a little EQ…and…wow it rocks. Very happy now.

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I have the JBL EON ONE compact, I haven’t try outside yet, but in my opinion it sounds good.
I have one question, I owe a Two Notes cab m+ even and I build a pedalboard in this way:
Guitar>Headrush MX5(with EHX Memory Man with Hazarai + EHX SuperEGO in send-return)>Singular Sound Aeros Loop>Cab M+>JBL
Shall I change it or it’s fine?

time based stuff you can experiment with after cab.
i think i would want the cab of choice to be recorded in the loop.

looks like there are possible mixer limitations with the JBL especially if its difficult to switch between aux and BT live. and incorporating beatbuddy stereo? to aux in … aeros 2 channel? 1 vocal done…

i also just finished building a tube tremolo and reverb unit that has been inspiring but not road worthy yet i insert it after the rotary pry should be before.