The App, or at least a way to change the midi channel, please!

I have TouchOSC templates for my Meris pedals on fixed channels. I want to use my BB and Maestro along with the Meris pedals, but I need to get the BB off of channel 1 as the Enzo template is on channel 1. Is there ant timeline/goal for completing this promised and still being marketed capability?

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Are you trying to change the channel in the app? I’m sure you know you can change the channel on the BB.

I am sorely tempted to turn this thread into a discussion for app beta testers…

I don’t have the app. I want to be able to change the midi out channel on the Maestro, so I can change the channel on the BB to something other than 1,

Ah. So it’s a Send issue from the Maestro. Gotcha. Yes, definitely a wishlist item for me too.

I know it’s a relatively old post, but came here wondering the same thing. Haven’t hardly touched my midi maestro, simply for the fact that I don’t have a way to change certain commands, ch’s, etc. I, too, have a couple meris pedals, and would like to integrate the midi maestro to a slew of midi devices. I’ve been out of the loop, any update on the app or changing MM parameters?