The App, or at least a way to change the midi channel, please!

I have TouchOSC templates for my Meris pedals on fixed channels. I want to use my BB and Maestro along with the Meris pedals, but I need to get the BB off of channel 1 as the Enzo template is on channel 1. Is there ant timeline/goal for completing this promised and still being marketed capability?

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Are you trying to change the channel in the app? I’m sure you know you can change the channel on the BB.

I am sorely tempted to turn this thread into a discussion for app beta testers…

I don’t have the app. I want to be able to change the midi out channel on the Maestro, so I can change the channel on the BB to something other than 1,

Ah. So it’s a Send issue from the Maestro. Gotcha. Yes, definitely a wishlist item for me too.

I know it’s a relatively old post, but came here wondering the same thing. Haven’t hardly touched my midi maestro, simply for the fact that I don’t have a way to change certain commands, ch’s, etc. I, too, have a couple meris pedals, and would like to integrate the midi maestro to a slew of midi devices. I’ve been out of the loop, any update on the app or changing MM parameters?

Following-up on this post regarding MIDI channels. The MM has great potential to appeal to synth/electronic music performers, as a controller for a huge range of MIDI gear. But I feel it’s currently missing some key functionalities in this respect. It would be great to consider implementing the following feature requests, related to MIDI channel.

  • Ability for different pedals to SEND MIDI data on independent channels.
  • Ability to channelize RECEIVED MIDI data at MIDI IN to a different channel when sent to MIDI OUT (e.g. channelize Ch01 notes/controllers at MIDI IN to Ch04 on MIDI OUT) - effectively requiring a SOFT THRU function.


Please make separate requests on their own topic, my tagging will only reflect the original request.

The android app is available now and you could create a custom mode that does this, I don’t know if dev is planning on making a way to change the channel of the modes on the device, I will ask and get back to you.

The iOS app is currently in closed alpha and will be available for download from the apple store soon.

You can change the midi channel for the BB in the MM… it’s a matter of going into the app, selecting My Commands and editing each of the commands that are already there for the BB to the channel you want…

iJust happened to stumble onto this as I had a similar issue needing the BB to be on a different Channel than number 1… the documentation is bad and should show how to do this…HOPE THIS HELPS…

We understand this is not ideal, we will have a whole new system for dealing with MIDI channels in the redesign of both apps. Will make all of this a lot smoother.

Thanks for the feedback