The Beat Buddy unboxes itself!

This is my 2nd youtube vid. First for my new channel “More Gear Than Talent”. I had wanted to do an unboxing video for my Beat Buddy pedal and didn’t want to do the same old thing, so I used stop motion animation. Turned out a bit dark, but pleased that I actually got it to work.

The guitar track was recorded twice, each time with different pedals. Mixed to somewhat blend with each other, but maintain stereo separation. Then I duplicated the tracks and offset the duplicate slightly (about 2/10ths of a second) which made the tone really fat.

Wow, insane! That really kicked ass!!! Thanks for sharing!

I’ve started watching the video with that annoying feeling that it will be another no- or very low-distortion video, but was very pleasantly surprised to find a nice driven sound!

By the way, do you use a solid-state amp?

Sort of, but not quite. I use a vox tonelab, which has a 12AX7 tube that simulates the push/pull/sag of a tube amp the classic blue one with a Pigtronix Aria pedal and a EHX Little Big Muff Pi (2 takes blended left/right and track doubled and slightly offset for a fatter sound).