The beatbuddy can't load the song


so I just deport some new song to my beatbuddy
but it just stuck
the beatbuddy can’t load it properly
what should Ido


Try downloading them again. There was an issue with an incorrect BBManager version used while exporting those songs.

If this doesn’t help, please provide a link where you got you song from.


I just simply import the beat from the guitar pro 5.2


Oh the problem fixed
probably I added too many parts for a songs
makes it loads longer


Are you experiencing any issues with importing the MIDI file, or it doesn’t sound sound properly?

In the latter case, your MIDI file most likely contains MIDI notes that are not supported by the specific drum set you select in BetaBuddy.

[Edit] Ok then, as far as I know, a song can have a maximum of at about 30 main parts each of them consisting of no more than 500 MIDI notes.