The Boys are Back in Town (in B)

Hi folks

Where can i get ‘the boys are back in town’ in B key ?

I’ll work this up as an OPB version.

UPDATE: I’ll post it by July 2

Thanks a lot. I’ve got a doubt. Is B the original key?
When i used To play it for fun, i got a A then a B and a D for the main riff.

Anyway the first chord must be a A… verse and chorus.
Best regards

I believe you are correct, Fredramone, with A - B - D. Tuned down a half step (all Thin LIzzy!), so technically it s G#.

Yes but if i want To play it with the bb, i’m not going To play in G# because there will be oder tunes before and after thin one and not trop lizzy

Excuse me . My keyboard is fuckin french oriented