The cable from BB to foot switch

So is it a stereo cable? I’m thinking longer cable, to have BB on my table top, foots witch on floor for fills and pause or stop, is it possible?

yes it is a so called TRS cable (stereo), and you can do fills if you set one of the switches to main, so it has the same function as the switch on the pedal, the other switch you can set to pause.

OK thanks but can ya get longer cable so pedal on floor, BB table top, to select tracks without bending down

Dave, just to be sure, are you using the Singular Sound Beat Buddy footswitch? If so a cable like the one Persist linked would work (maybe 25’ not needed though unless the table is really tall). Some others like myself are using different footswitches which may need a different type of plugs on the footswitch end. I’m using a pair of Boss FS-5U’s footswitches, so my cable is two 1/4" TS plugs merged to a 1/4" TRS plug.

Ah OK yes Im using the the accent pedal purchased with beat buddy, I’ve found a trs cable on amazon 2mtr long thank you for info

Thank you persist

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