The Fold and the Saw (refers to wave folding and sawtooth waveforms)

Here’s another one in the Techno genre - using the BeatBuddy “Techno 1” song (I think). I finally got the BeatBuddy to midi-sync the NiftyKEYZ sequencer that was controlling my Moog Mavis synth. Turns out I have a bad cable and I can’t tell if it is the BB midi adapter or the generic midi cable, but I managed to get it to work long enough to record the song (new midi cables already ordered). The lead is a Behringer Poly D mini-moog clone. I had all 4 oscillators set for a sawtooth waveform. The Behringer’s output was fed into an Electro Harmonix Oceans 12 Dual Reverb pedal before going into the mixer. The Mavis was using wave folding and modulated by its own LFO as well as the one on the NiftyKEYZ. You can see me tweaking the mod wheel on the NiftyKEYZ keyboard at times to vary the effect (I think it was set for random waveforms). It had some echo added at the mixer.

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groovin’ :sunglasses: Its just so happy… and deliciously retro. Sounds like 1981 to me, man…

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Thanks, b0n3! I had fun with this one. I’m thinking of doing more with the sequenced part on the Moog Mavis. I haven’t touched any of the patches, yet. Change the drums and tempo and who knows? Maybe another song or two!

It’s really fun to watch how your music has evolved through various stages. I enjoyed your different video effects as well.

You rock, Joe!

You got me thinking about perhaps submitting my own retro deliciouness. (As if I could even compete).

I like to go a little less on the keyboards, and a little more on sticking my tongue out and making heavy metal fingers (This is the way of my people).

Lets see what I can do, and then lets see if I have Joe’s guts enough to post it (Ugh when i say it like that, im thinking no, lol).

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