The Inputs - line level?


I have a Voicelive 3 (VL3) and want to not have to use a mixer when using both the VL3 and the Beat Buddy (BB). I was thinking I could run the VL3 into the BB and the BB out to my acoustic amp.

The VL3 can be set to output line or mic level. What level is accepted by the BB?


I can’t reply your question directly. But I know you won’t damage your BeatBuddy if you input a very loud signal into it.
I myself am running a pretty hot signal through BeatBuddy and it works fine.

Just try both, and choose one that sounds more appropriate to your ears.

Simply start with very quiet sound to not damage your amp speakers!


The BeatBuddy produces line level sound, so it would probably make sense to keep the Voicelive at line level too. Though experiment and see what happens.


Does that mean BB accept whichever signal or Hi/low impedance and convert/produce line level signal?

also means it doesn’t matter what kind of signal before BB, but after BB it is line level.

How do you make BB to do this?



I tried both Mic and Line from Voice Live 3 (VL3) into the Beat Buddy (BB).

The BB doesn’t seem to change the VL3 tone at all, so this is good. When using Mic level from the VL3 the vocals were barely audible in comparison to the drums. When using the Line level from the VL3 the VL3 was louder than the drums, but I was able to adjust the VL3 output so that I could get a good mix.

My conclusion is, you will NOT have audio quality loss when going through the BB, the BB likes a line level signal going in, and you must be able to control the output volume of the device(s) you are sending to the BB in order to get a good mix. So if you only have a single channel amp or powered speaker this will work as long as you can control the output volumes of the device(s) going into the BB.


The output is line level, however, it doesn’t appear that the BB does much (if anything) to the signal coming in. As described in my post above, when I sent in mic level it was a lot softer than the BB drums and when sending in line level it was louder than the BB drums.