The lack of logic to my drum kits

I was asked if there was any “rhyme/reason” as to how I name my kits/updates. I am sure some of them do rhyme, but this is purely coincidental. There is some intentional alliteration, but the attached pdf spreadsheet should help to clarify matters, somewhat.

A couple things that may put this in perspective:

  1. All of my kits are NP type kits. I started building kits after the note off was implemented, so the idea off calling them NP never occurred to me, as they surely had to be NP. I mean, what else was there? As a result, a number of my kits were which never named NP originally, were subsequently called something, something, NP, or a variant thereof. If I made it, its NP, regardless of what the name says.

  2. The above issue is particularly troubling with my Hammond with Bass kit. Some songs call for Hammond NP Bass or some such thing. Hammond with Bass, NP Hammond with Bass, all work.

  3. The Hammond with Bass kit was the second kit I built, ever. First was Angelo Cajon with bass. After the Hammond kit, I got inspired to make a myriad of variations. The XRL, XXRL, and variations of those tags came out of this period. What is that? - eXtended Range Lead, or eXtra eXtended Range Lead. This meant that the drum kit was cut by one or two octave to accommodate an extra octave or two of keys.

  4. Numbers in titles usually mean a variation on an earlier version of that kit. Some instrumentation may be changed. These are really different kits, as they have different sounds, but they might work to interchange them. Experiment away. Velocity levels may need to be adjusted.

  5. A STAX kit, named in honor of the Memphis studio, means a 4-instrument kit - Bass, drums, keys, horns. Variations on STAX kits have strings or pads in place of horns.

If you have other questions, ask. The last column of the spreadsheet indicates whether a kit has been updated. These updates were intended to provide better balance to kits, and to eliminate clipping found in some earlier kits.

Hi Phil

Thank you for the excellent drumset STAX. I’m using it to create a song with drums and keys. I’ve run into a problem, though: The length of the piano notes are too long. They go on for 2 bars and I am only in need of one bar. Can I edit the files in any way? Or is there another solution?


The two bars would be the MAXIMUM length of a note that you could have. fF you use midi to write shorter notes, the notes will be the proper length. The BB does recognize the midi note off command.