The Latest BeatBuddy Firmware

I see some are talking about 1.7.5 (or some such number) firmware. I have 1.4.1 firmware loaded. Is that the latest? Someone posted on “tips and tricks” about how you can use the extra footswitch to navigate to the folders simply by holding down one of the switches. I cant make that work. Am I up to date? Thanks

Thanks to the BB Team, I’m up and running! Having a great time with a great product!

I would like to try the beta, it’s possible?

1.7.5 If this has the 500 note limit removed, I’d REALLY REALLY love to give it a go. I didn’t see it in the downloads ?

I’ve got this firmware beta, but unfortunately the BB team member who sent it to me was unable to inform me of the new features or changes.
Anybody know what the new features in the beta are?

The pedal already has the 500 note limit removed, but the BB Manager doesn’t, yet. So, you can’t make them, but if you could you could play them :slight_smile:

Great, we’re half way there. Any idea when an update to the BB Manager is likely ?

Good news - the 500 note limit is meant to have been removed on the latest beta BB Manager 1.60 (which is requestable from BB Support) but I haven’t tried it yet. See

The BB manager is currently being Beta tested, the previous version 1.60 had a number of issues which made it unsuitable for general release. This should have been fixed so it is back to testing it, once everyone is happy it will be released - however the features will need to be documented first.