The Letter Joe Cocker Am

Intro - 2V Ch V solo
Main solo to shots
Fill chorus V shots
Outro - drum roll Ch V shots (my baby wrote… etc shots)

Stax Acoustic drums
Jam Away
Letter_Am_JCocker_.sng (596.5 KB)

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Nice track. I’m fairly new to beat buddy and wondering if there is a way to turn off the bass line since we’re doing a duo with a bass player and guitar?


HI Fooser - sometimes I’ve found in our trio doubling a bass line works. Frees up whoever is playing bass to sing over a more complicated line or to switch to guitar without losing the bass. Sometimes its mud though…

On the other hand if it doesn’t work just choose a drum kit you like the sound of without bass and those notes won’t play. You can dig a bit deeper and look at the MIDI editor (or output the file to a DAW like REAPER) to make sure the kit you choose isn’t missing any important elements (for instance cowbell, etc.)

Get the song. Get the required kit. Assuming you didn’t already have the kit for some other purpose, open the kit in BB Manager by double clicking on its name in the drum kits list. You’ll see a collection of all the kit’s components. Delete all the Bass notes in the kit. If you need the kit in the future, look for my tutorial on editing a drumkit. You could then change this drumkit’s name to something else, and then re-download the original kit. This won’t work if you just change file names. You have to follow the process in the tutorial.